CONCLAVE  International  is  a confluence  of  ideas,  knowledge  and expertise  that  directly  impacts  change.  It  is  a  global  platform  where leading  subject  matter  experts  interact  directly  with  young  researchers and  students  through  meetings,  workshops  and  conferences  in  a university  setting,  thus  fostering  intensive  collaborations  and  true knowledge  sharing,  with  a  dedicated  focus  of  building  effective  and efficient  collaborations,  CONCLAVE  International  is  associated  with top  rated  Universities,  prolific scientists and learned researchers to bring you educational experiences like no other. Bolstered by a passionate team of technically skilled professionals at the backend, we ensure that you have a richer, more rewarding experience.

Scientific Committee Members

  • Dr Sergio fiorenza
    Dr Sergio fiorenza Agronomy Libero Professionista


  • Dr. Zoran Zgaljardic
    Dr. Zoran Zgaljardic M.D, Ass Prof. Plastic-Cosmetic Surgeon


Global Conferences



Being on the forefront of science and technology, CONCLAVE International is on the pulse of contemporary and state-of-the-art knowledge. Your brand can be too. If you believe, your brand is a right match with the context of our conferences, then we have an opportunity for you.


CONCLAVE International truly believes in collaboration. Through experience, we know that working with others brings out the best in all the parties involved and leads to a deeper, more fruitful relationship. We are proud to say that we open to all forms of collaborations and are actively looking for partners to work with. If you believe, your brand or enterprise is a fit to our beliefs and values, do reach out to us  info@conclaveinternational.com

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