About WHC 2019

World Heart Congress 2019 (WHC 2019) will be held on November 4-5, 2019 | Rome, Italy and will consolidate brief Keynote presentations, Speaker talks, Exhibition, Symposia, Workshops, Poster sessions.

Heart Congress 2019 will provide connections with renowned professors, scientists, researchers, students, cardiologists to discuss methodology for ailment remediation for heart diseases, Electrocardiography, Heart Failure, Pediatric Cardiology and health disorders. Cardiology Conferences 2019, Cardiology Meetings 2019 are planned to give valuable information and provide a platform for young researchers to interact with the various departments of the foreign university by visiting the department and get the university contacts that will preserve and be supportive to young specialists to resolve many problems, potentially impacting the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. WHC 2019 is organized around the theme “Endorsing Brilliance in Cardiology and Healthcare”.

CONCLAVE International conducts national and international conferences with the universities as the host for every meeting around the world. The International conference offers the chance for clinicians, scientists, doctors and researchers from all over the world to gather and study the modern advances in the field of cardiology and healthcare and to exchange scientific ideas and share the knowledge in a highly stimulated environment.

  • 2 days of scientific research exchange
  • 15+ scientific sessions and live workshop
  • 80+ Global expert faculty members
  • 50+ healthcare professionals

World Heart Congress 2019 is the annual conference conducted with the support of the University and members of the local Committee Members of the supporting cardiology related journals and is aimed at supporting healthcare professionals i.e. cardiologists, heart surgeons, young researchers and students to distribute the best care possible to patients with cardiovascular diseases.

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