Welcome to CONCLAVE International

CONCLAVE International is a confluence of ideas, knowledge and expertise that directly impacts change. It is a global platform where leading subject matter experts interact directly with young researchers and students through meetings, workshops and conferences in a university setting, thus fostering intensive collaborations and true knowledge sharing.

With a dedicated focus of building effective and efficient collaborations, CONCLAVE International is associated with top rated Universities, prolific scientists and learned researchers to bring you educational experiences like no other. Bolstered by a passionate team of technically skilled professionals at the backend, we ensure that you have a richer, more rewarding experience.

Why hold CONCLAVES? Because we need to meet.

In this highly dynamic world that we live and work in, knowledge and information have become the currency with which we bargain. History is witness to the fact that true growth is never individual, but as a whole. We at CONCLAVE International understand and appreciate this sentiment, while being aware of the lag in dissemination of this knowledge and information. Our events thus, cater to overcome this lag and put information on an accessible platform.

Our Vision:

  • To go beyond formal educational constructs
  • Foster a culture of sharing knowledge, information and ideas
  • Bringing the academia and the academics on a common platform

Our Mission:

  • Create a global platform through conferences, workshops and events
  • Make cutting-edge and contemporary information easily accessible

Director’s note

  • With over 7000 international conferences flooding the market each year, we seem to live in an age of information overload. Add to this the abundance of information on the internet, and what we are left with is a bottomless pit of data. But is data and information of any value lying unused? At CONCLAVE International, we believe in adding value to information through our specially curated range of educational experiences, conferences and conclaves.
  • Our continuous efforts are towards providing access to cutting-edge technology by experts in those fields. To this regard, many globally top rated universities have extended a welcoming hand to us.
  • Information is only as useful as long as it is applied. Hence, we strongly focus on networking and collaboration building. Our specialised and customized post conference sessions, ensure that the like minded researchers come together to push the boundaries of science and technology. With a strong focus on being technically sound, we ensure that our content is comprehensive and contemporary. Our focus is also on niche sectors that might not be in the limelight, so that researchers in these sectors are benefitted as well.
  • CONCLAVE International stands for knowledge networking and sharing for the greater good. We truly believe that all the ideas and insights shared during these experiences, will make the world a better place. It is our way of leaving a mark in this world, and we invite you to be a part of it.

The CONCLAVE International Advantage

  • Eminent Keynotes forum and access to prolific speakers.
  • Assured feature in high impact publications, if presenting a paper.
  • Curated post session networking ensures meeting industry experts.
  • Cutting edge and latest technology being presented and discussed.
  • Special forum to facilitate collaborations, post session.

CONCLAVE International assures

  • Global & Local expertise.
  • Strong network of professionals.
  • Transparent communication.
  • Passion for what we do.
  • Strong sense of identity and ethics.
  • Quality Without Compromise.
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